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My passion for Italian Food originates from my father who received a knighthood from the President of Italy for his services to Italy's food industry and is further built on my own direct experience of having run an award winning Italian restaurant.

I am forever looking for new trends in Italian cookery…. new restaurants to try…. new places to buy fine Italian ingredients and new recipes to attempt at home.

So I have created Discover Italian Food for those who share my passion for Italy and its famous cuisine.

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Discover Italian Food is an honest, independent and comprehensive guide for people who are looking to discover...

  • Italian Recipes: New and exciting recipes using the finest Italian ingredients.
  • Guides & Taste Tests: Where best to find quality Italian food products.
  • Reviews: Where best to go out and eat the finest Italian cuisine.
  • Comment & Opinion: Like minded people who share your love of Italian food.

New: Discover Italian Food at Home

Fancy a nice Italian themed dinner party at home but don't want to cook?

If you live in London, you can avail of Discover Italian Food's new home chef service! Simply click here to get in touch and discuss your requirements!

Discover Answers Quickly

Conscious of how precious time is today, Discover Italian Food has been designed to help you easily find the answers to your questions on all matters related to Italian food.

As such all recipes, reviews and guides on this site use a simple and easy to follow format of Questions and Answers. We hope this enhances your experience of discovery with Italian Cookery and helps you to find what you want as quickly as possible.

We are constantly on the lookout for everything and anything Italian Food related – from easy pasta recipes to dinner party ideas; from where to buy gourmet Italian food to famous chefs and where’s best for eating out.

Just as Italian cuisine is forever evolving, this site is also forever evolving and being updated to bring you what's hot in the world of Italian Food.

Please use Discover Italian Food as your gateway to the world of Italian cuisine.

Buon Appetito!

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