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Tagliatelle e Zucchini

Tagliatelle with Courgettes and Cherry Tomatoes

Tagliatelle with Courgettes

When should I make it?

This is an ideal use for courgettes when they are in season and plentiful (June - September).

It is best made with fresh homemade tagliatelle rather than the dried variety. I think the addition of the cherry tomato sauce really brings this dish together but it can of course be made without it.

How long will it take?

The sauce should take no longer than about 10-15 minutes. 

What ingredients do I need?

 For about 2 people you will need:

Can I use any alternatives if I can't find certain ingredients?

You could make the same dish using aubergines as an alternative to courgettes. If you also then used salted ricotta instead of parmasan you would be making Tagliatelle alla Norma (a classic Sicillian summer pasta sauce whose name is believed to come from Vincenzo Bellini's "Norma").

What preparation do I need to do / what can I do in advance?

The courgette should be sliced length ways in half then each half should be sliced again length ways. Each of the four strips of courgette should then be cut into slices. 

What are the main steps?
  1. Gently fry the slices of courgette in a pan with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Make the cherry tomato sauce according to the recipe here 
  3. Once the courgette slices are cooked add the cherry tomato sauce and heat through.
  4. Heat a pan of salted water for the pasta and add the tagliatelle when the water starts to boil. fresh pasta should only take a few minutes to cook.
  5. Drain the pasta once it is al dente and add to the pan with the courgette and tomato sauce. Reserve some of the water used to cook the pasta.
  6. Mix and coat the pasta with the courgette and tomato sauce in the pan and if the sauce needs it, add a little of the reserved cooking water. 
  7. Finally add chopped basil before serving.

How should I serve it?

Serve in with a sprinkling of Parmesan and some black pepper to taste. It can be served as a meal in its own right or as a pasta accompaniment to some grilled meat / fish.

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